From the chic elegance of fashion photography, people photography and polished headshots, we focus on capturing and finely editing your photos to enhance their beauty and impact.


Photography Session Prices

Are you ready to see your beauty and uniqueness shine through in a professional photoshoot?

My services are tailored to do just that. For just $175 per person, you will receive 2 expertly edited photos.

My editing philosophy is about enhancing your natural beauty, not overdoing it. You won’t look like a porcelain doll in these photos (unless that’s your preference!), but you can expect a subtle touch-up to minimize wrinkles and even out your skin tone, ensuring you look naturally stunning.

Let’s create timeless images that celebrate you!

*Please note that additional charges may be applicable for photo shoots that necessitate travel and on-site setup. These fees are to cover the extra resources and effort required to bring our high-quality photography services to your preferred location. We strive to maintain transparency in our pricing and will provide a detailed breakdown of any additional costs for your approval.

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