I believe photography has the power to change YOUR world.

I’m the blend of art and strategy – an artistic photographer with a marketer’s vision.

An Artist at Heart

As a young student, my heart was ensnared by the alluring art of photography. I wanted to pursue a photography career, but my parents forbid the journey, fearing I would become a starving artist.

With my camera languishing as a silent observer, I plunged into a fundraising and marketing career focused on responsibilities, parenthood, and the never-ending list of daily duties. However, my dream of capturing the world’s beauty through my lens became a persistent whisper that refused to be silenced.

During my spare time, I would study the works of famous photographers such as Scott Kelby and Joel Grimes and learn new skills and techniques to help me capture my vision.

Moment of Liberation

Well, the moment of liberation has finally arrived, as I finally decided that it is never too late to break free and embrace my passion. I left a career in the non-profit sector and am now a professional photographer based in Calgary, Alberta.

As you journey through my photo collections, remember that every snapshot is a piece of my heart, transformed into visual poetry for your delight. Each image, infused with my unique perspective shaped by years of community engagement experience, does not merely capture a moment but tells a compelling story.

Finally, my skillset goes beyond technical precision; it intertwines with my ability to highlight your brand and its purpose, creating a striking narrative through visual artistry. These captured moments serve not just as static images but as dynamic narratives that genuinely embody the essence of your brand. In addition, with my skills in marketing, I can create a plan to give the images strategic longevity.

The Age of NFTs

I also love exploring new initiatives and exciting ways to reach the next generation, and NFTs are certainly an incredible new world filled with potential. Therefore, I invite you to explore my NFT collections. When you purchase a piece of my art, rest assured that it’s protected on the blockchain as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), ensuring its lasting value and uniqueness. Embrace this innovative frontier and become a part of a vibrant community that celebrates creativity and cutting-edge technology.

Thank you for your time. Have a blessed day.

Patti (Patricia) Lisevich

Patricia (Patti) Lisevich - PattiVerse Photography