Overcoming the Fear of Sharing My Work: A Journey in Photography

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Embarking on a photography career has been an exhilarating journey filled with creative ideas and the thrill of capturing various moments. Yet, despite the excitement, I’ve encountered a personal hurdle that’s both surprising and challenging: the fear of sharing my work. This anxiety isn’t about the act of photography itself, but rather, the moment that follows completion—the moment to share my creations with either a client or the world.

The Fear of Sharing Photography

This fear manifests most when it’s time to present my work. Questions like, “Will they like it?” and “Is it good enough?” begin to echo in my mind, leading me to retreat to my office for endless edits and contemplation. This cycle of doubt and revision starkly contrasts my experiences in larger organizations, where one could somewhat hide behind the brand, attributing shortcomings to a collective style rather than a personal failure.

However, the transition to working independently has stripped away these comforts. In the solo journey, there’s nowhere to hide; it’s just me and my work, exposed and vulnerable. And though I find myself without a clear solution to this fear, one truth remains undeniable: if I don’t share my work, it remains unseen, buried beneath the endless sea of digital content.

In today’s world, visibility is everything. Whether you’re a photographer in Calgary, a writer, or a fundraiser, making your presence known is critical. The reality is stark—you’re invisible if you don’t share. And what’s the worst that could happen? Most might not notice, and some may not like it, but these moments are fleeting. The potential upside, however, is monumental. Imagine capturing the attention of just one person capable of transforming your career.

The Win

This philosophy of exposure over retreat was put to the test when I submitted a photo to the NFT NY for their 2024 exhibit. To my delight, it was accepted and will be displayed at the Rooftop Artists Village Gallery in New York City. While I wasn’t the main artist featured, this acceptance was a validation of my work and a testament to the importance of sharing, regardless of fear.

So, to my fellow creators, I say: share your work. It’s the only way to transcend the anonymity that the digital world imposes. Let your work be seen, let it be known, and let it open doors to opportunities that would otherwise remain closed. After all, how can the world appreciate your talent if it remains hidden?

Boosting Your Confidence

Overcoming the fear of sharing your work isn’t just about increasing visibility; it’s also about boosting your confidence. The more you share, the easier it becomes, and the fear begins to diminish. Each time you expose your work to the world, you embark on a process of desensitization, where the once overwhelming anxiety starts to fade, replaced by a growing sense of courage and self-assurance.

The key lies in understanding that rejection or criticism is not a reflection of your worth as an artist but rather an inevitable part of the creative process. Each shared piece is a learning opportunity, a step towards refining your craft, and understanding your audience better. Celebrate the courage it takes to put your work out there, regardless of the outcome.

Moreover, engaging with a community of fellow creators can provide invaluable support. Feedback, whether positive or constructive, fuels growth and sparks innovation. It’s in the shared experiences and collective resilience where you’ll find strength. Remember, every great artist once faced their own fears of exposure and criticism.

As you continue to share your work, let each experience build your confidence. Let the fear that once held you back transform into the force that propels you forward. Your journey as a creator is unique, filled with highs and lows, but it’s the act of sharing that turns your work from mere thoughts and visions into impactful art that can touch the lives of others.

In essence, sharing your work is not just about overcoming fear; it’s about embracing vulnerability as a strength. It’s about believing in your art and your voice. So, take that leap of faith, share your work, and watch as the world opens up to the beauty of your creations.

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Otherwise, be visible and have a wonderful day!

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