Randy’s Photographic Genesis: Embracing the Lens

Visible Artist Profile Randy Milanovic

Randy’s passion for photography didn’t just appear out of nowhere; it was a gradual process, rooted deeply in childhood explorations of ‘the bush.’ As a young adult, he chose to deviate from his family’s hunting traditions, embracing a philosophy of “take only photos, leave only footprints.” This shift was symbolized by his transition from carrying a gun to wielding his grandmother’s film camera, a tool that allowed him to capture the world in its panoramic glory.

Throughout the years, Randy’s companions on his adventures were not just friends and family but also various iPhones, capturing countless moments during backcountry hikes, kayaking, and camping. Each expedition was an opportunity to freeze a moment in time, despite occasionally exasperating his companions with frequent stops to snap the perfect shot. His transformation into an artist was sparked by a simple yet profound realization during one of these trips: a camera doesn’t merely capture an image; it interprets the world through its unique lens.

A Survivor’s Vision and Emotional Connection

Surviving stage 4 cancer in 2010 was a pivotal moment for Randy, deepening his connection to photography. The victory over illness wasn’t just about survival; it gave his art an intensified sense of purpose and gratitude. Today, with decades of experience behind him and a fresh perspective influenced by artists like Cath Simard, Vincent Schnabl, and Lori Grace, Randy feels he is truly embracing his identity as a photographer and artist, exploring new realms and techniques, such as composite work.

As he continues to grow as an artist, he hopes his viewers can immerse themselves completely, transcending mere observation to feel the essence of the moment captured. His desire is to ignite a spark of adventure and curiosity, urging people to seize the day and explore the world with all the zest of life, embodying the spirit of exploration and the richness of experiencing the now.

Artistic Evolution, Inspirations, and the Creed of Exploration

The challenge of continual improvement looms large for Randy. Despite a lifetime of capturing images, the journey of refinement is never-ending. Each photograph represents a fleeting moment, some gaining attention while others fade away. Yet, the possibility that his creations might endure inspires Randy to persist, aiming to leave a lasting imprint through his art.

It is important to keep seeking improvement and to find sources of Inspiration. One notable source has been Cath Simard, whose work in the web3 space and the Trillion Star Hotel editions have profoundly influenced him. Her ability to foster community and bring new depth to photography resonates with Randy, fueling his passion and dedication to his craft. Additionally, his grandmother’s wisdom, emphasizing the value of solitary exploration and the unexpected connections it can bring, continues to guide him, enriching his artistic journey and personal growth.

Overall, Randy’s advice to others is as straightforward as it is profound: keep moving, keep learning, and keep exploring. The essence of life, he believes, is found in discovering new experiences, skills, and passions. This relentless pursuit is not just a path to personal fulfillment but a journey that makes life infinitely richer and more rewarding.

The Future: Inspired by AI or AI-Inspired Photography?

Randy Milanovic Sample Art for Visible Artistic Profile

Discover the photo “Chillin” – originally conceived from AI-generated art, this piece led Randy on a quest into the wilderness of Southeast British Columbia, where he skillfully captured its real-world counterpart, bridging the gap between digital fantasy and nature’s reality.

Then there’s Randy’s piece “Flow.” It started as a failed attempt to capture the Northern Lights. But even with the lens getting all foggy, Randy zoomed in and, wow, discovered amazing colours never seen before!

And don’t miss “Burmisanu” – a dream shot Randy’s been chasing since the mid-80s. Thanks to new photo-editing skills, Randy finally nailed it this year.

As for what’s next, Randy intends to spend every clear night under the stars capturing star trails, milky ways, and nebulae. It’s fascinating.

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